Learn about the Cultures of the World – Connecting with the World Series

We live in a time of great change and an increasing need for a celebration of diversity.

It is our goal to create a greater understanding of the wonderful diversity in our world in a fun and family-centered manner. Under each country represented there will be several different pages. We offer a basic facts & figures page, a history page, geography page, then some fun pages on activites to help learn about the country and some festivals celebrated. We help you learn a few words and phrases of the language spoken in the country and we have recipes to try.

So take a peek and invite your family to travel the world with you. Perhaps you want to have a “travel night” once a month where you immerse yourselves in a country and cook traditional foods, listen to traditional music, celebrate with a festival and talk about the issues facing the people of the chosen culture. Or perhaps you want to learn about the culture more slowly, helping each other learn a few new words, a few new facts and a few new recipes throughout the entire month. Adapt our ideas so it works for your family and have fun connecting with the world!