Learn about Sweden

Facts & Figures
Total area: 449,964 sq km (this makes Sweden the 54th largest country in world)

Border countries:
Finland and Norway

8,878,085 (July 2003 est.)
This ranks Sweden as the 84th most populous country in the world

The majority of Swedes are Lutheran Christians though there are small communities of Catholics, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists also present.
Until 1996 the Lutheran church and the Swedish government were linked. Up to this point every child born in Sweden automatically became a member of the national church. Although this tie was officially broken quite recently, Sweden is not an overly religious nation.

Swedish is the official and most common language in Sweden
Swedish is closely related to 3 of the other Scandinavian languages – Danish, Icelandic and Norwegian, though is significantly different from Finnish.
Sami is one of the largest minority languages found in Sweden and is still used extensively by the Sami population.
English is taught as a compulsory second language from the 4th grade on in schools in Sweden. Many Swedes also speak German and French.
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