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Current Issues of India

(this article was written in 2004)

Check out the following English-language newspapers of India for hot topics affecting India:

Times of India
Kashmir Times

Major Political Issues in India:

The major political issues that concern Indians, especially during election time are:

  • Communities demanding more economical and social rights
  • Communities wanting more autonomy for their cultures within the Indian states
  • Communities demanding autonomous states within the Indian Union
  • Communities demanding independence from India.

Education in India

At the time of independence only 12% of the Indian population was literate. According to the 1991 census there literacy rate was 52%, meaning that over half a billion people were literate. Literacy rate among the urban population is higher than among the villagers. It is also higher among the men than among the women. The literacy rate among the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is lower than in the general population.