Language of Fiji – Learning About Fiji

This is the common Fijian greeting used when meeting friends or welcoming guests. It goes beyond the simple hello, though, to incorporate spirit and literally means “life”. So Bula! And Welcome to the Fijian language section.

Fiji has three official languages that are recognized by their constitution; English, Bau Fijian and Hindustani.

English is the main medium of communication. It is the language the government uses and is the main language of education, commerce and the courts. Fijians do, however, have a constitutional right to communicate with the government in any one of the three official languages.

Fijian belongs to the Austronesian family of languages. There are many dialects, but the official standard is the speech of Bau. The Austronesian languages are a family of languages that are found throughout the islands of Southeast Asia and the Pacific and continental Asia. It is one of the largest language families in the world. The word Austronesian comes from the Greek word Austronesia meaning southern islands.