Facts & Figures on Haiti

Total area: 27,750 sq km (this makes Haiti the 154th largest country in world)y in world)

Border countries:
Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic (western one-third is Haiti, eastern two-thirds is the Dominican Republic)

7,527,817 (estimated as of July 2003) This ranks Haiti as he 93rd most populous country in the world and the 3rd most populous Caribbean nation.

African nature gods are worshiped and vodun (voodoo) rites are practiced by roughly half of the population. Although Voodoo was illegal for many years, it retained a strong following throughout the country and was decriminalized in 2003. Add link to Voodoo section. Catholicism and Protestantism also have a strong following in Haiti and the Catholic belief system often co-exists and blends with the Voodoo religion.