Food of Peru and Recipes of Peru

Peruvian Cuisine incorporates some wonderful flavours and ingredients.

peru foodQuinoa, an ancient grain known as the “Mother Grain” to the Incas, is a delightful ingredient that is used in drinks, desserts, salads, and soups, to name just a few. Eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this Andes-grown grain is the most protein-packed of all the grains.

Potatoes also feature heavily in Peruvian food and there are more than 100 varieties grown throughout the country, including the purple potato which has recently become a gourmet food in North America. It’s believed that the potato actually originated in Peru.

Meats and fish figure prominently in the Peru menu and Ceviche, a lemon or lime marinated raw fish dish is considered by many to be the national dish.

Other foods that are prominent in the Peruvian diet include corn and maize, sweet potatoes, peppers, and rice.

Try a couple of the following recipes and enjoy the delicious cuisine of Peru. For more unusual ingredients (quinoa in particular), check small ethnic grocery stores, or natural food stores.