Learn about Egypt

Egypt – land of an ancient culture known for its pharaohs and pyramids and presently home to over 74 million people. Officially known today as the Arab Republic of Egypt, the nation is located in Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Egypt is a modern nation with an incredibly rich history. Join Earthy Family as we explore the wonders of the country of the River Nile with fun family activities, authentic recipes, some Arabic phrases and cultural festivals.

Facts & Figures of Egypt

Total area: 1,001,450 sq km (this makes the 37th largest country in world)

Border countries: Egypt shares its boarder with the Gaza Strip, Israel, Libya and Sudan.

Religion: By far the most popular religion in Egypt is Muslim (mostly Sunni) with about 94% of the population practicing this religion. The rest of the population practices Coptic Christian and other religions.

Language: The official language is Arabic, however, English and French are widely understood by educated classes

Capital: CairoFlag of Egypt

Independence: 28 February 1922 (from UK)