Current Issues of Haiti

please note that the Current Issues page of Haiti is now out of date, we will leave it up as there is some useful information on the page

Haiti just celebrated its bicentennial on January 1, 2004. The celebration, however, was plagued with demonstrations and political violence. This is a familiar story in Haiti. Since gaining independence from France in 1804 following a slave revolt, the Republic of Haiti has been plagued by a history of poverty, political violence, instability, and dictatorship.

Human Rights

The Haitian constitution guarantees a full range of political rights and civil liberties. However, ever since the first free election held in 1990, these rights and liberties remain precarious as there is a lack of any legitimate security force.

Women and Children

Children and women are particularly vulnerable in Haiti. Many children are living in extreme poverty with limited access to education and not enough food to eat. While government programs and policies are aimed at increasing gender equality and the well-being of children, much work is needed in both areas.