Culture of Sweden – Learn about Sweden

The Swedish people are very conscious of their lifestyle; they do not like to be too showy, they love to share and they live in moderation. Swedes are very conscious of how they live affects people around them, as well as the environment. A concept Swedes live by is Logom, which means “just enough”.

Swedish Homes

Most Swedes live in towns and cities and have small families. Their homes are spacious and bright and are insulated well to keep them warm in the winter. Due to the fact that Sweden has lots of forests, their homes usually contain many beautiful wood products such as wood floors and wood cabinets.

Education in Sweden

Education is important in Sweden and school, called grundskolan, is compulsory. Many Swedish toddlers attend preschool which is provided by the government, though it is not compulsory. Most children start grade school at the age of 6 or 7. The government funds all schooling and provides free books and sometimes lunches.

There are many traditional hobbies that children learn in school including knitting, embroidery, woodcarving, lace making, rug making, candle making and blacksmithing. Home schooling is not popular; however, the local school authorities can give permission for home schooling for one year at a time and there is much monitoring and assessment. One in three children in Sweden go on to post secondary education which is also free.