Chinese New Year – 2012 Year of the Water Dragon (Black Dragon)

January 23, 2012 to February 9, 2013

(The Chinese calendar is based on solar and lunar cycles and thus the new year falls on a different day of the Western solar calendar each year.)

Kung Hei Fat Choi! (Mandarin) Xin nian yu kuai! (Cantonese), (Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon

In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is a sacred and powerful creature, gorgeous and colorful – favored by luck and good fortune!  The Dragon person is a born leader, in possession of authority.  Those born under theyear of the Dragon are highly honored and respected.

The year of the Dragon is filled with drama, lavishness and unpredictability, although the water element can have a calming influence. This is when we see great projects launched. Because of the originality of the Dragon, this is a wonderful year for The Arts, cultural events and the fashion world. It is also a good year to have a baby, get married or start a new business. This is a year of luck. However, you can also expect some wild rides ahead in 2012 economically, politically as well as in the romance area. Overall though the Year of the Dragon is one of fresh innovation.

Previous Year of the Water Dragon was in 1952. (a 60 year cycle)

Characteristics of The Dragon

People Born in the Year of the Dragon are the most powerful and lucky of all the animal signs, filled with vitality and energy. Being dragons they have fiery natures and all that comes along with it. They are free spirits and have an over abundance of energy, ambition, confidence and enthusiasm. They are fearless and almost invariably meet with success. One thing that stands out about the Dragon is their originality. They are extroverts, self-assured, resourceful, adaptable, exciting, irrepressible and generous. The Dragon possesses a lot of valor, is very brave and always gives aid when needed. The Dragon is known for doing things on a grand scale and is very enterprising. Along with all these attributes Dragons are often quick-tempered and arrogant. They can be critical and tactless. It is not a good idea to cross a Dragon.