Chinese New Year – 2010 Year of the Metal Tiger

February 14, 2010 to February 2, 2011

(The Chinese calendar is based on solar and lunar cycles and thus the new year falls on a different day of the Western solar calendar each year.)

To have a Tiger in the house is great protection against fire, theft and evil spirits.

The year of the Tiger is one filled with drama and there is often tension & unpredictability in the air. Events can happen quickly.

People Born in the Year of the Tiger are very lucky and very courageous. Tiger people are dynamic, attractive, lively, social, enthusiastic, intelligent, alert and optimist.

The tiger is very competitive with a wonderful fighting spirit. They are natural leaders with great strategy techniques. They can also be stubborn and impatient.

Compatible business partners
People born in the years of the earth dog, metal pig, water tiger, wood horse and fire dragons.

Good Careers for Tigers:
Artist, Acting, Comedian, Musician, Race Car Driver, Chauffeur, Aviation, Writer, Politician, Managers, Marketing and Sales

Compatible Friends:
Horses, Dogs

Most incompatible Friends:

Love Partners:
Best with: horse, dog
Conflict with: Ox and Monkeys