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Egyptian HieroglyphicsHieroglyphics is the picture symbol system Ancient Egyptians used to write with. The system uses over 2000 picture symbols to represent words, thoughts, ideas, and sounds. But for hundreds and hundreds of years, hieroglyphics couldn’t be read by anyone because the knowledge wasn’t passed on. The Rosetta stone, which contained the same passage in hieroglyphics and Greek, was discovered in 1799. It took until 1822 before the code was finally cracked and hieroglyphics could once again be read and understood.



Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Try using this hieroglyphics chart to write out the names of your family members, or try leaving coded notes to each other this month using hieroglyphics. If you’re sharing an Egyptian meal with your family this month (RECIPES), consider making a hieroglyphic place card for everyone who will be eating with you, or write out a menu using hieroglyphics. Consider, also, incorporating the modern language of Egypt (Arabic) in your menu. (LANGUAGE SECTION)

To see your name in hieroglyphics using a hieroglyphic converter, click here.Egyptian Hieroglyphics

To learn more about hieroglyphics (both writing and numbers), and access hieroglyphic downloads (including fonts, e-books and free worksheets) click here.

While hieroglyphics were used in ancient Egypt, today most Egyptians speak and write in Arabic. Click here for more information on learning Arabic.

“Always watch and follow nature.” – Egyptian Proverb